Unconditional Animal Love

The concept of classical conditioning is studied by every enty-level psychology student, so ti may be surprising to learn that the man who first noted this phenomenon was not a psychologist at all. Ivan Pavlov was a noted Russian physiologist who went on to win the 1904 Nobel Prize for his work studying digestive processes. It was while studying digestion in dogs that Pavlov noted an interesting occurrence.

His canine subjects would begin to salivate whenever an assistant entered the room. In his digestive research, Pavlov and his assistants would introduce a variety of edible and non-edible items and measure the saliva production that the items produced. Salivation, he noted, is a reflexive process. It occurs automatically control. However, Pavlov noted that the dogs would often begin that this salivary response was not due to an automatic, Pavlov suggested that the salivation was learned response.

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